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Founded by Liesa Johannssen, formerly a photographer for the Federal Press Office of the Federal Government of Germany. She now works as a freelance photographer, serving industry, publishers, advertizing agencies and the public.

Jour Photography

I specialize in thematic images producing specific emotional responses to people, events and products. I focus on creating strong images as concise visual representations of larger events, conveying emotions that communicate particular messages to a mass audience.

Agency/Professional Services

° Documention of events or persons.

° Product images for advertizing copy

° Thematic images for public relations

Clients have direct influence on the content and direction of the images and own complete copyright of the resulting material. I specialize in feature photos of everyday situations, providing flexible applications in all media. These photos are versatile, with interpretations ideal for all uses, from internal business reports to public press releases. I also produce thematic feature photography for Advertising Agencies; images are created with specific motiffs as requested.

Individual Services

° Personalized images for press or public relations campaigns.

° Single setting and multi-location shoots

° Single and multi-day photographic accompanyment

Clients receive full individual attention. By building a relationship with subjects, I am able to work with them to tailor image composition and expression to suit any message. In addition to the photography service, customers also receive support in creatively representing situations so as to communicate a desired message. Using both explicit and hidden imagery, I am able to produce either positive or negative emotional responses. I also offer a special service to develop individual photographic concepts and their customized visual realization.



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