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Liesa Johannssen

Born in Berlin, Germany 


I live in Berlin, mainly working for agencies, newspapers and as an official photographer for the German government, covering politics nationally and internationally. 

Since 2019 I live back in my hometown of Berlin. 

After exploring Spain and the US for about 10 years, my heart called to go back to work at my roots as a political photojournalist, delivering news worldwide. 

I’m in close touch with the political scene in Berlin, always looking for answers in order to understand the subjects I’m working on. 

What I love about my job is to tell stories through documentary photos, catching the moments that are true, close and rare.  

I’m trying to create pictures that represent feelings, thoughts and views touched and interpreted through the eyes of a woman.


| 2019 – present 
Stringer Bloomberg NEWS Germany 
Official photographer for the
German government 

Reuters, Contractor Photographer 

|2013 – 2019              Freelancer for Die Welt, Financial Times Germany, Remodelista, Gardenista, foreign delegations in San Francisco / USA 

|2010 - 2012 Freelance Photographer for Financial Times Germany in Madrid / Spain 

|2010 – 2012 
Photographer for Getty Images in Madrid / Spain 

|2007 - 2012 
Main Photpgrpher at Photothek


Apprenticeship as a photojournalist in the photo agency Photothek Berlin / Germany 


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