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Flood - Ahrtal

In the night of July 14th 2021 a deadly flood rolled over the west of Germany. 

I was assigned to document the devastating disaster for Bloomberg NEWS. 

As I came back from a day Job in Berlin covering economy news, my Editor called me at 4pm asking to leave right away to drive to NRW. 

The destruction was terrible as I arrived as one of the first Journalists in the village Schuld which was struck very bad as it lays in a valley.   


Jimi La Paloma

I met Jimi on the streets of Madrid and we quickly developed a friendship. 

He allowed me to photograph him once in a while. 

Jimi was 54 when I met him and his real name is Zbigniew, every one called him Jimi La Paloma. Free just like a pigeon, that's what he said. 


Men in Blue suits

"Men in Blue suits" is a reportage about working class jobs that were and are dominated by men. 



"Spanisch Tradions" is a ongoing reportage about old almost forgotten and often in secret practiced traditions. 

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